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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Coledale package away

The first mailout went yesterday with eight squares for Jen.

Since then I've laid the whole thing out on the floor to make sure it's all going to work. There's one fabric pattern I don't think fits, and that's the small square pattern in the second pairing in from the left, on the top row. So, Jen can you only sew the seven pairs and send that one back to me as is? (One less square for you ;-)

The brown, cream, blue and yellow fabrics come in an overall floral and leaf pattern and then a more isolated floral pattern. See below.

In large pieces they look entirely different with no chance of muddling them up. But, when they're cut into small pieces...

It's very difficult to tell them apart. I made this mistake with one of my first squares, which I unpicked today and redid. Hopefully this will save you from doing the same thing!


  1. Hello people
    I made two squares at Tara's house today. Well two and half. Actually three but I had to unpick the 3rd one so many times it ended up being half by the time I had to pick Livy up from pre-school.
    SO if I can do it anyone can. They do take time but with a bit of good food or music/conversation round the place time passes quickly.
    Plus the colours and patterns are so beautiful you do feel inspired.
    Oh and Amy and Luc will love it!

  2. Kate, I agree the colours are beautiful and I'm sure Amy and Luc will love it.