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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wedding quilt progress

How's this for interactive quilting? I thought it might be easier than emailing everything, and this way if you want to ask questions (or even post your progress), you can, and anyone can answer. I contemplated Facebook, but Amy would have been able to see us all linking to that.

Anyway, after much trial and error, I think I have the hang of sewing the patches!

I've photographed everything I've done this morning in steps so you can see how to put it together.

It's this first bit that's tricky. When you put the two pieces right side together, you would normally think to match up the points, but it doesn't work that way. You have to sew it together with a bit hanging out each end (see circled area below) so when you iron them flat, the strip works in a straight line.

After ironing flat...


  1. Great idea Aunty Tara. It will actually be something nice for Amy to look over when it's done

  2. Yeah that just occurred to me too. If you guys all post comments with your progress, then she can see the whole thing come together (when I actually send you anything - which I promise will be this week!)

  3. Wow TJ good idea!
    However, slightly worried about my ability to carry this off. Bu I but shall sit with Mum for guidance. Have we been spent something yet to sew...?

  4. Hi Stace,
    You'll be fine! I'm sending both yours and Sandra's in one bundle to Sandra tomorrow.

  5. Oh shit! Best get the sewing machine out and see if I can turn it on! Looks awesome TJ.