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Saturday, 16 April 2011


Morning all,

I've just started a Flickr account which has a slideshow that appears in the top right hand area of the blog.

I thought I'd upload some inspiration of the quilts we've done previously to keep us all motivated.

Jen and Stace if you ever get the chance to take a good pic of your quilts (probably with two people holding a corner each while standing on chairs!) I'd love copies.

I'm also keen to upload pics of progress, so if you have finished squares or someone can take a pic of you sewing away then email or mms them through so I can upload them.

(and yes this blogging business is getting slightly out of hand!)


  1. Hi Tara, this blog gets better all to time. To an illiterate like me who has just worked out how to comment (and I've gone through the postings while I was away and made 5 or 6) this is mind blowing. Where is Kate's quilt on the slide show though? Love Mum

  2. I'm waiting on Kate to email me the pic I took of Jason and Pete holding up the quilt in their lounge room, then I'll definitely put it up.

  3. Just sent them. I like the ones with the bored models best.

  4. Wasn't aware of the one you did for Jen/Jez But just love it. Sandra.

  5. Love the colours and design of Stace and Drew's and I did contribute to this one, so pleased about that. Tara you have done a wonderful job in selecting colours and designs to suit the individual couples.[I think] Sandra.