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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Return post

A couple of you have been asking me when you need to have the squares back by. I've been in touch with the quilter, so here's the plan...

After Easter, I'm having an extra week and a half off. The end part of this is going to coincide with Mum being in Sydney, and since she hasn't been sent any squares yet ('cause she's holidaying in New Zealand), I'm going to set aside a couple of those days for a sewing bee to get the quilt top completed.

The dates will be Thurs 5 to Sat 7 May. So, for those posting back, could you send them to arrive by Thurs 5 May? Don't forget to send them registered post.

If you want to join in the sewing on any of those days (Stace and Sandra this might be a bit much for you!), then you'll know my dining table can fit multiple sewing machines on it at once and you'd be more than welcome.

Happy sewing!


  1. Pity I didn't have the message patch to stitch with all this sitting around in hospital. I'll have to book in a few nights with you to get my squares done. Maybe another Tuesday after Easter when Livy is back at pre-school?

  2. The week after Easter is the sewing bee, so you might have to help with the back and, yep, the message patch... the front and insides will be off for quilting. That's if we're going with the doona, otherwise the back will have to be done by then too!