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Monday, 2 May 2011

Getting there

Here's Kate powering through 11 squares yesterday afternoon. It definitely makes it easier when there's two of you. One can sit at the machine while the other does the ironing and you're done in no time. 

Kate got through these in about two and a half hours!

We're making real progress now with the top. Mum arrives on Wednesday afternoon so we'll sort out a battle plan and get down to business on Thursday morning.

Sandra has agreed to do the back too which will be a great help. She's also given me a top idea for the message patch. Given that's normally Amy's job and we can't very well get her to do it, Sandra is going to take it to a local embroidery place to get done - I'll just send down extra fabric with the back.

We just have to decide what to say on it... Any ideas?


  1. How about 'you better like it otherwise one of us will take it!'.
    Of course I'm joking. Isn't there a standard one we do?

  2. Well you got the last one, so tell us what it says!

  3. How about

    May your marriage be a "thyme" of great happiness. This has "bean" a labour of love.
    "Lettuce" wish you every joy for your future.

  4. Powering Kate.Sounds great doesn't it.Extremely well done to get 11 squares done in a couple of hours.
    Love "the bean,...and the lettuce" messages Merri