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Thursday, 26 May 2011

We have a new gallery

I've uploaded a new photo gallery on Flickr. Check it out!

It contains the pics from the night we gave Kate and Jason their quilt and you can see the patch we stitched for the back.

Mum is determined to sew the patch for the back of Amy and Luc's by hand. I think she's mad, but since Amy has sewn them all by hand for everyone else, she thinks it's only right we do it for Amy. Go for it Mum!

I still haven't gotten around to pulling out the fabric for the piping ... maybe this weekend.


  1. Good on you Meri - I am sure Ames will be very grateful.

  2. Having looked at the message and sewing of same by Amy on Kate and Jason's quilt, I do agree it will be better to have the hand quilted patch on Amy and Luc's quilt. Pleased I'm not doing it though as my hand sewing wouldn't be good enough.