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Sunday, 11 September 2011

now it's been established...

That AC is not reading the blog, I feel safe posting a pic of her quilt pattern.

It's just in dummy plain colours at the moment. Mum and I plan to do the bulk of the fabric shopping over the next couple of weeks.

The picture I'm working from had the patches put randomly together like this, but we could also move light-dark-light-dark around each square (as per the middle set in the second row down) and around the quilt in the same way...

Anyway, something to think about.


  1. Jus looking at this on the blog next to the Flickr feed it looks a bit like Kate and Jason's quilt! Hopefully the real colour choices will make it look very different.

  2. Just what I was thinking. But it doesn't really matter anyway. As long as it is easier to sew than Amy and Luc's ;)

  3. Yeah I've just seen Mum's pics and it's very different colouring. I think we'll have to be quite subtle with it too...