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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Best of the web – Christmas craft

I've had such fun this month getting Pinterest and Instagram up and running, following a few more creative blogs and finding some amazing crafty places I want to visit on my travels. So, since Christmas is coming up I thought I'd share a few of my favourite homemade decorations that I found during my web explorations.

The decorations at left are from Louise at Tea and Weasel's They were obviously very popular as she's written up the pattern here.

The middle is from the UK lass in US blog but actually inspired by (with 'how to' instructions) Penelope at Modern Minerals here.

The wreath at right is kind-of cheating in terms of DIY. This would be one to buy ready-made – but I think it's lovely. It's from Itz Fitz's shop on etsy.

This row is getting more into my colour palette. I love the things that Greta Tulner makes (left) but she also sells patterns for everything so you can make them yourself too!

The middle image is from Laura at her etsy shop Lupin Handmade where you can buy pdf patterns as well as lovely already-made pieces.

I'll admit there's not a ton of instruction help for the wreath on the right from Pickles. Another blogger has pointed out that a glue gun and a foam ring might work just as well. There are better instructions for making the felt balls from scratch – now that would be an undertaking and a half!

Happy browsing - maybe you'll find the inspiration to get crafting for Christmas!

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