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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cross stitch colours for summer

I finally got around to packing my winter clothes away and bringing out the rest of my summer ones on the weekend. It seems very late to be doing that, but every time I've planned to do it over the last few weeks, we seem to get a cold snap.

A few weeks ago on Etsy I'd ordered these (at right) and was keen to make myself a pendant for summer – something I'd get a lot of wear out of.

Turns out picking a colour combination wasn't that hard... Not only have I purchased a new coral tweed skirt with matching top, but I also got home to find a floaty, floral skirt in exactly the same colour combination that's almost fifteen years old! Maybe I should have unpacked that summer wardrobe a bit sooner. Mind you, the new skirt was called 'retro' in style, so maybe it's all from the same era.

Do tell me if I start looking like one of those women stuck in a fashion time warp!

Back to the pendant... In preparation for their arrival, I'd got hold of some Vierlander stitch motifs and I modified one to fit the number of holes. Stitching on a hard surface (plywood, bamboo, plastic) is not that easy. It just doesn't have the same flexibility, and finishing off is challenging. I'm tempted to do a thin coat of craft glue on the back so the ends don't come undone.

It only took a couple of hours to do, but I think the result is pretty effective, and I still have a few pendants left, so watch out for some other designs.

Now all I need is a jump ring and some brown leather thonging.

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