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Sunday, 13 January 2013


It was probably just as well I went back to work last week, as spending time each day on the web and Instragram was giving me all sorts of craft projects to get involved in! I did try to avoid this one and just watch from the sidelines, but it looked like so much fun that, after about five days, I had to get involved.

So, what is the #scrappytripalong? Started by Quiltville (including all the instructions) it involves using all your scrappy bits of fabric to produce 36 squares in this pattern.
As you go, you post pictures of your progress on Instragram and tag them #scrappytripalong so everyone can follow your progress, and you theirs. It's amazing to see all the different colours and patterns being used, as well as those who turn their squares in other directions to create a completely different overall effect. There's a group set up on Flickr too, so take a peek.

Of course, with a wedding quilt to complete and work getting in the way for nine or so hours a day, I'm not as well progressed as others who've cut, sewn, basted and quilted already. It also doesn't help that I'd cut most of these squares (for a previous pattern that I wasn't so keen on in the end) so I couldn't use the quicker strip method of creating the blocks. So, since you'll be waiting a while to see my completed quilt, you might want to check out a few of these blogs to see some of my favourites from other quilters (lots of Aussies represented!).
Red Pepper Quilts
Little Bluebell
Small Quilts
Ballarat Patchwork
Anyone tempted to join in?

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