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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Handmade Canberra

This weekend I put aside the wedding quilt for a little over 24-hours and got out of town! It was so good to see big skies, green hills that turned into summer-yellowed paddocks and smell some gum-fresh air.

I've been meaning to go to Handmade Canberra for a while now, but every time it's been on I've had other commitments. Today, I finally got there and I wasn't disappointed. To be honest, I find that some of the big-name markets choose products that are all the same style, and some is really poorly made, so it was nice to see a real mix of things here and most of a very high quality. Also, it wasn't too crowded – I never once had the urge to start helicoptering my handbag around my head to clear some space around myself (often the case when I'm in a very crowded room) there was coffee on hand (always important) and the parking was free (got to love that).

Below are just some of the lovely things I found today. Top left – this teatowel from Ink & Weave was very hard to resist, along with the colourful ceramics by Aussie Tulip at top right.

In the middle row are some products I did come home with. I have a bit of a thing for laser-cut goodies at the moment, so I spent a lot of time at the Deep Blue stand choosing this necklace (middle left) and larger hanging decoration. On the right in the middle row are some fancy pants I bought for my nephew from Tip Toe Threads. They also had some gorgeous little girls' dresses, but it's always hard to find cute things for little boys, so these were the purchase for the day.

I was almost glad when they didn't have any of my size left in the skirts from Harper and Edie (at bottom left). They were so lovely, but I was trying not to go too crazy with the shopping. And at bottom right are some gorgeous buttons I bought from Mookah (obviously not too scale!). It's their stall you can see at the left in the image above too.
Hope you've enjoyed this little jaunt to Canberra – I'm off to make myself a piece of toast with the lovely blackberry jam I bought at the markets from Montrose, before washing my hands very carefully and getting back to my quilting!

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