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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Big decision made

These last couple of weeks have seen me making a million decisions, big and small, rather than anything crafty and tangible. The biggest decision has been to sell my apartment. The first open house inspection will be next weekend and then an auction will follow about a month later. It's scary, but I think it's the right thing to do and contrary to what I originally thought, it seems like a good time to sell.

In preparation, I've been going through the place room by room and getting rid of all the junk that doesn't deserve to be packed in a box and moved nearly 1,000 kilometres. I've had stuff go to charity, ebay, ewaste collections, recycling and the plain, old garbage bin.

The other reason to get the house so clutter-free was for the sale photography. I had the shoot done last Friday, and both Kate (my sister) and I made comment to the photographer that the place had never been so tidy!

I know I had to get them done anyway, but it's so nice having these shots as reminders of the place, as well as the process – the fun I had choosing the wall colours and painting them; how I spent forever without a couch until I could find just the right fabric; and making some other pieces to tie it all together – like the patchwork wallhanging in the image above.
There are obviously things you never quite get finished, but maybe houses are always a work in progress. There are also corners and angles missing from the shots, and they don't reflect any of the memories of time spent there – coffees drunk with friends on the couch, Christmas dinner at the big dining table, or even the weeks and weeks I spent recuperating on the couch above after a nasty bout of bronchitis last year. 

I'm sure they'll act as prompts though, for memories of all these things and more.
The one item I can't quite believe I have to leave behind is the bookshelf in the shot below.
Ever since I moved out of home I've wanted my own full-wall bookshelf and I only had this one installed at Christmas! Hopefully the new owners will love it as much as I do. I am thankful too, that I didn't quite get rid of all my smaller bookshelves, as the place I'm moving into is a rental. It would be even worse if I had to go out and buy another bookshelf after just having this one done!
So, farewell my lovely apartment! I know you won't be to everyone's taste decked out like this, but you absolutely are mine. And here's to my new adventure. I don't know if the move will be temporary or permanent, and what new people and places I'll discover, but I'm looking forward to finding out.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Full of personality

    1. Thanks Sue, I'm a bit nervous about it going on the market, but also excited to move it all down to Melbourne and start again!