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Sunday, 28 July 2013

July finishes party – A lovely year of finishes

Like a lot of women, I collect the odd handbag or two. Not high-end handbags – I'd never spend a month's wage on a bag – but one that can bring a splash of colour, or has interesting stitched detail always catches my eye. However, I was having trouble finding a good way to store them. In the cupboard they'd gather dust and go unused for seasons at a time because I'd forget they were there, but hanging them on a hook or rod seemed to damage the strap in a lot of cases. I needed to find something softer to hang them on. 
So, I came up with these handbag hangers. They're really easy to sew, can be hung over a normal picture hook and mean my bags can be a wall feature as well as being really easy to access.

The instructions for making these are now available on my Etsy store. Hope everyone else went well with their July goals.

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