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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Creative business planning and slowing things down

In last month’s business planning post I set myself a task to meet with my boss so we could change the focus of my mentorship. I opened up to him about my plans and asked if he could specifically mentor me in the areas of strategy and finance. He was really positive about what I want to do and the change in direction of our catch ups, and he’s already sent me a proposal outlining the scope of what we discussed and what his next steps are – how cool is that?

Part of his reverse brief to me really made me rethink how I’ve been behaving the last few months. He mentioned that my aim is to get a better balance in my life, to slow things down, and not work crazy hours as I’ve been known to do in my corporate life. This is something I’ve discussed with him a lot.

And yet this last little while, I’ve been overwhelmed with the things I think I need to do before quitting my job and the projects I’ve got on the go – working each evening when I get home from my day job and most weekends. This is not, not, not how I want things to be.

So this week, I’ve taken a step back… That project that I thought needed to be finished last week, it’s still sitting on the couch, the blog post that I just had to write for this week, it can wait for a fabric delivery in a couple of weeks time, the business plan I had to get started on, it can wait until I discuss the outline with my mentor.

And then I got sick. Which always happens when I stop after a period of intensity and only reinforces my resolve to slow things down.

The main reason I want to quit my full time job is so I have time to do other things – to read books again, cook meals, watch a sunset, go away with friends for a long-weekend, grow a veggie or two (or at least keep a pot plant alive!) and travel more. Moving to Melbourne has been a big step in the right direction, but obviously I’ve got a way to go.

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