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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Happy Birthday Amy!

Even though you don't have the slightest idea this exists, we're wishing you a happy birthday anyway, knowing you'll get to read it soon.

The picture below shows where we're up to. All the green ones are sewn, the pink ones have some fabric missing, but I want to get all the squares back before I decide what to replace them with (we've got enough similar leftovers).

Hope all the sewing's going well. Oh, and welcome home Mum!


  1. Does this mean Stace and Mum have finished all their squares?

  2. Ahhh, no.

    It means Sandra got extra to share with Stace and Mum is going to be put to work on sewing all the squares together when she's up here!

  3. I can't wait. Have to say this is a most organised quilt. Mine are much more hit and miss.
    Love Meri

  4. This afternoon finished off the last of the 9 blocks that Stace and I were given. Will send them back with Kate after Easter. Lets hope they will piece together well. Sandra.