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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Side trip

On my way to see Jode I stopped in and bought the fabric for the inside back of my doona cover (will post that soon), and while I was there saw some great fabrics that I've now googled the full range for...

How much do I love these?



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Love the pink, green and red flower (the most).

  2. These are fantastic - I love them and believe we should all just go into business making various things from these amazing fabrics!

    Luv Stace

  3. Wow, these are just beautiful. I love them. We'll definitely have to dream up some more occasions to make quilts for (says she who hasn't even started sewing yet) Love Meri

  4. Brillant fabric colours. Stace, you need to find time to sew 1st my love. Maybe win the lottery. Guess who said that.Ha Ha!