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Saturday, 7 May 2011

The big reveal!!

Hi there folks!

It's guest blogger Shireen here (otherwise known as Utch, Auntie Utch, Shirls or that girl who is Jason's sister). It is my honour and privilege to reveal to you the almost finished product. I arrived at Tara's place ready to sew my little heart away only to find it completed! And so I had no choice but to hold it up, take a photo and all the credit for it! It's a hard job, but someone had to do it.

Ok, seriously, It looks amazing, the colours represent a perfect blend of the natural environment of Moora Moora, the warmth of Amy's heart and the beautiful union shared by Amy and Luc. Awww (maybe that should go on the back of the quilt? Meri? Sandra?)

Alright enough babbling on from me.... here are all your beautiful patches combined.
Well done to you all, it's seriously stunning. Well done Tara, what a mammoth effort! 
Cue reveal music now...

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