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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Jen's k-wilting...

Jen has dragged out the machine today and I'm guessing from the email title above, she was struggling at the half way point... But a photo shoot break must have given her the energy to go on as I've just received a text to say she's finished, along with an email saying she's gone through two sewing machines. What's the story there Jen?

Square one is at left – she assures me that the second square is much better. I don't know about you, but this one looks pretty spot on to me.

Along with finished squares, we've also got the woman in action. Way to go Jen!

Kate is due at my place in the next little while to finish off her squares too – it's all coming together. Hopefully this time next week I'll have a completed top to post a picture of.

Sandra, if you're up for it I thought I might send a stash home and you could make the back? We're doing this as a doona quilt, so the one that gets sent off for quilting will be the false back. You'd have about a month to do it. What do you reckon?


  1. Yeeha Jen! I just finished too. Although I had the expert here helping me every step of the way.
    PS Livy is daily making cards for Cameron for his hospital visit. So forgive me if you get a pile of random 3 year gluey paper in the mail soon. The first one is not gluey mess so please get him to open BEFORE he gets to hospital. Good luck xx

  2. Well done girls. Good luck Cameron.

  3. It would be my pleasure to do the back Tara. Let's hope I don't "Stuff" it up.

  4. Go Jen and Kate.
    Jen - I'm not sure why Cameron is off to hospital but we hope all goes well!
    Mum have faith - I am sure you will do a great job - I can always help iron if required :)