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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Last but not least

I just got off the phone from Jode, who happened to be standing in the line at the post office to send her finished squares.

She was reading the blog last night thinking Jen and Kate were very organised till she came across the due date. A sickie was chucked, the new machine came out of the box and away she went. With some feed dog issues, Jode reckons the first couple look like she was sewing them drunk – on the back anyway (hence the pic!). Never fear though, nobody will see the back cause it'll be sewn inside the quilt.

So, not only has Jode managed to find her way around a different sewing machine model, but the squares are complete and on their way to Marrickville. Yay Jode!


  1. On ya Jode. Your's will be the most expensive squares it the quilt - worth a whole day's pay....and more...

  2. Well done Jode!!! You have done a great job - the squares look great in the photo - love the red wine ( I hope you finished that off afterwards - I would have loved to have shared the day sewing with you:)). I will try and call tonight. We hope Adam enjoyed his birthday!

  3. Thanks guys - so relieved they are sent! I felt like opening the wine as had never used the machine, couldn't find the instruction book, or a zipper foot thingo. Had found both today which is great but annoying as realise how much better it could have been. I do not recommend sewing without a foot thingo at all - bit like my first attempt on snow ski's - slippery and messy!!!! Hope it will all be okay TJ. The settings were all wrong. JX

  4. Very proud of you Jode. The squares do look terrific in the photo. Pleased that you got the machine out of the box. It will be easier to use next time I hope. And hopefully won't cost you a day's pay. Lots of love Mum.XX