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Sunday, 26 June 2011

The quilt has landed!

It's been perfect timing having Lou's car these last few days. Yesterday afternoon I drove out to Menai to pick up the quilt and this afternoon (after posting the need for a driver to Wagga on Facebook) I'm off to Rydalmere to drop the quilt with Kim Jenkins so she can drive it home for Mum! This quilt certainly gets around.

Here are some pics of the quilting - one step closer to the finished product.

At left is the front of the quilt and at right is the back so you can see the quilting pattern better.

In more exciting news (for me at least) I'd also dropped off my quilt at the quilters. So after more than ten years of patching I almost have a quilt of my own!

I chose a variegated cotton to quilt mine in - so it changes colour from orange to red to purple.

Just doona backs and piping and they'll both be done (bet Amy and Luc's is finished well before mine ;-)


  1. phew! all sorted and it looks fantastic!

  2. Well I hope it will be finished before yours! I can't wait till it arrives today. It will be head down and bum up then for a few days. Meri