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Monday, 12 September 2011

Today's idea

I've been mucking around with AC's quilt a bit more.

I now think we should use only what we have in a stash, can buy secondhand, or tea-stain to get closer to the colour! That way we can fit in with the transition town ethic ;-)

Here's pattern number two...

Much less fussy and a whole lot easier!


  1. Scraps from our quilts? I have lots from our quilts. Sandra must have loads? ;)
    I like the sound of easy.

  2. Ooooh yes, yours would have some good ones.
    Yes, easy is good... but do you actually like the pattern?

  3. I have some scraps from my summer quilt with some mulberry type colours.
    I've been thinking that the second one would be better as well.
    The first one suits the rest of the house which really has more of David's stamp but Carolyn's bedroom is a bit more mellow and less contemporary. She has kept some of the dark wood furniture from Croydon. So yes, I think the second one would fit better and I do like it. It's very much like that Dereliction of Duty quilt that I did for my summer bedroom.

  4. Don't know if I am meant to comment but I do prefer the second pattern.

  5. think it does also look better cause I used pics of fabrics to make it rather than plain colours in program.

  6. Tara have just sent you an email with the name and email address of a quilting site but the fabric range is called Thoughts of Romance.#7025 and you need to go into Fabric collections.

  7. I like this one better (the second one posted) but not sure what AC would like. It is difficult because yes the material rather than block colours may be influencing me. She is in to geometric things a bit - which makes me think the first. But Mum you are right, the house in Croydon was more country floral style than this more modern style house they are in. I really love the idea of using material we already have etc that is really great. I think I really want to vote for this one. I like it much better. Love Ames

  8. I'm waiting to see the materials.....! Ames