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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Amy's first quilting effort

While Ames has certainly done a lot of quilt binding and message tag sewing over the years, this is the first time she's been behind the machine and putting the patches together.

It's all looking pretty professional from here... I guess Mum will be the final judge when she gets the patches through in the mail.

Kate is at my place this morning busily stitching her patches together – it's certainly much easier doing large squares and strips rather than triangles and circles!

Looking forward to seeing it come together as a quilt top. Let me know Mum if there's anything else you want me to do.


  1. Well done, girls. You're putting me to shame. I'll have to get on to mine this week. Amy, you obviously sorted out your probem with the machine.

    Tara have you had any thoughts about the border and the backing? I'll need them before I get it off to the quilting lady.

    Any suggestions for the wording? How about something like "Celebrating 60 years as a loved sister and also a devoted aunt"

    Also Tara as I was looking at your additions to the slide show I noticed Livy's quilt isn't on it. Have you got a picture?

    Thanks for your prompt action, girls
    Love Mum

  2. Finished sewing last night and posted the squares off today. Hope they are up to scratch!
    I like the wording you suggested Mum but I'd leave out the word 'also'.
    Love Ames xo

  3. Yeh, it does sound better I know. I'm just being pedantic. She hasn't been an aunt for 60 years.