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Friday, 9 November 2012

Craft day - Part II

This was actually the second thing we created on craft day. The first involved hands (you'll see that in Part III), the second was this, and then when the balcony and the girls were well and truly covered in paint, we washed off and went inside to do the flowers I posted the other day.

Thankfully Kate brought Juliet around in the afternoon when we still had all the paints out and she was at the stage of pulling her socks off at every opportunity, so we stuck a bare foot in some blue paint and got her little bird done at the same time.

I think if I do craft day again it will involve something a little less messy!


  1. This was my birthday present. How lucky am I!
    It is now on the wall above me as I sit at my computer. A beautiful reminder of my 3 grand daughters. I hope at least one of them takes after her talented Aunty Tara.
    Thanks Tara. Love Mum

  2. Thanks Ma! It's going to be a bit longer now till Part III gets posted... I'm dragging the chain with that one.

  3. LOVE IT - Well doen Tara (and girls)!