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Sunday, 1 September 2013

The first day of spring!

Even though today is the first official day of spring, the weather has been just a little warmer this past week and it's been lovely. Moving to Melbourne has meant I've dug out woollies that I've had in storage for years. It's also meant I've really got back into knitting, so today I thought I'd celebrate all the woolly goodness that I've had going on this month before I put the needles away for summer.

The first is this scarf I knitted to replace one I lost on the train... The pattern is called the landscape scarf and you can find all the links from my Ravelry page. I didn't like the look of my normal cast off (or bind off, for those American folks reading), so I used the Elizabeth Zimmerman method. Thank goodness for YouTube. It took FOREVER on a scarf that's knitted sideways, but the finish was worth it.
Above is a scarf I was crocheting for a friend's birthday... I didn't quite finish it in time for the celebration. Again, the details are on Ravelry. All ten squares are completed, I just need to join them together and make some tassels, so this week should hopefully see it done.
This beauty was crocheted for me by a good friend's mother, for no reason other than that I'd admired one she'd done for my friend's sister. How lovely is that? And so very welcome in my new cooler climate.
Lastly is a pattern I bought for my next knitting project, which I probably won't start until autumn next year. It's from a new book called Colour Coded by MillaMia. I hadn't heard of them before. They're a Swedish company and they do yarns as well as patterns. I think the designs are beautiful – simple and bold.

So, that's the last of my winter knitting. While I've enjoyed it, I'm really looking forward to sunshine and warmth. I'll definitely be keeping up with all my northern hemisphere blog reads for projects for next year though.

Happy knitting!

PS. The Mongolian fabric and the pouffe didn't go as planned this month, mostly because the fabric swatches have taken so long to come back. It seems the company has been experiencing more orders lately as I've noticed they've changed their listed turnaround times since I started this process. This is a lesson for me not to blog about things as they're happening...

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