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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Latest Mexican blouse gifted this week

I finished another blouse this week. It was a birthday present for an old friend – not that she's old, just that we've been friends for a long time.

It's been good timing as I'm in the middle of teaching a class on how to make them, so it means I'm reminding myself of techniques and re-reading my notes as I go, to make sure they still all make sense.

The above pic is where the blouse was at last time you saw it at the beginning of the month.
I drew the bodice design to be much simpler this time, as the stitching is the most time-consuming part of making. I'll definitely use this design again, as it was a lot faster to embroider than the full bodice, while still having the all-over effect.
Once again I've gone with the different fabrics for the bodice, body and sleeves. It's not a traditional Mexican thing, but I seem to prefer it. Maybe if I was going to embroider the sleeves and sections of the body I'd stick to one fabric, but I think this gives a similar effect without going through all that extra embroidery work.

Every time I make a blouse I still see little things I want to improve. I think it's about 90 per cent right, but there are measurements to the sleeve area I want to tweak again, and the neckline needs a bit of work.
For now though, as we head into winter, I'm going to put the blouses aside for the knitting needles. I've got a pair of socks and a cardigan on the needles at the moment, with two other cardigans for my nieces waiting in the queue.

Are you a seasonal maker, or do you just stick to the one thing year round? Or do you make whatever inspires you at the time?

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