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Sunday, 20 October 2019

What happens when your whole apartment becomes your sewing room

My absolute favourite thing about having the studio in Sydney, was that when I was done for the day, or more likely was really in need of dinner, I could shut the door on the mess and walk away.

Right now, it feels like my entire apartment has become my studio and yesterday, to amuse myself, I decided to take a picture of all the little quilts-to-be piles dotted around the place.
This quilt below for instance, is one I started in Maria Shell's class, but I'm adapting to make a version of my Checks and Balances quilt...
Sitting on the bookshelf next to it is another little pile that I have ideas for, but haven't quite got to the point of testing. Realistically, these jelly rolls need to go in a drawer for a while.
These shirts are going to become a queen sized version of my new Catty Corner pattern, but I'm kind of thinking about tinkering with over-dyeing to get two of the other four colours I need in the set, and I'm not sure how realistic me doing that any time soon is. Still, these are going to sit on the table for now. Maybe I could at least cut this lot up?
The pic on the left below is actually made up of two quilts-in-progress and they're both pure fantasy at this point. I'd almost forgotten they were there until I looked up to the top of the bookshelf and found them staring down at me. The pic on the right was me just matching up shirts to a fabric I had an idea for – it will get made, but definitely not until 2020 so this also needs to go in a drawer.
Next we have an actual, real live quilt-in-progress. This is another variation on my Strip Weave pattern and is about a quarter done for a single bed quilt. This one will actually progress this week so it's staying hanging over the spare room door.
And this is so close I can taste it! I just need to bind this one. It's a wall-hanging version of my Catty Corner pattern and I'm thinking a faced-binding. Fingers crossed this also gets done this week and can be photographed and moved from the couch arm.
I think I need to document this more often! One, as it's made me write down some of the ideas so maybe now the fabric can get put away, and two, it's freaked me out slightly about how many projects are lying about the place. This snapshot for instance, doesn't include two textile art projects I'm also working on, nor the personal clothing knitting and sewing strewn about the place.

So, what did I do in the face of all this mess? I started another quilt... I kid you not.

I think I'm off to do a bit of a tidy up!


  1. Don't forget I'm coming for a visit in early December. I'll need somewhere to sit!

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