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Sunday, 3 November 2019

Blue Giant cushion kits – how to go into production without going into production...

I've spent a long time trying to avoid going into production on any of my patterns. It's not that I mind making the pieces again – especially if I can give them a new twist, or take a slightly different approach – it's that I mind making them over and over and over again. My favourite part of the process is really the designing after all.

So, when the pile of jeans for upcycling was starting to look a little threatening, I decided a kit for the Blue Giant cushion might be worth exploring. That way you can all make one instead! You can find them in my Etsy store here.
I also know that not everyone has a stash of old jeans lying about to get all the shades of blue that show this design off to best effect, so why not share some of it around?
The kit contains everything you need to make a 22" (55cm) cushion cover. Enough fabric for both the front and back – in various shades of blue denim – as well as some lovely mud-resist indigo-dyed cotton for the binding, a zipper, the full instructions for the Blue Giant quilt (as well as some extra notes for the cushion back) and the cushion template pieces.
I do have a few other denim upcycling projects on the go (which is partly why the stash is out of control). They will eventually become patterns, but I need to find a few added extras before I can finish them off and show you. These patterns are as much for dealing with the T-shirt waste I've accumulated (125kg!) rather than the denim waste. Intriguing hey?

Here's a sneak peek...

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