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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Woongarrah delivery

Thanks to Aunty Lou (well, the loan of her car), Jode's materials, which arrived back at my place yesterday, were personally delivered to her doorstep today!

Yay! I'm glad the fabrics hadn't permanently gone missing, it would have been such a pain to order and cut them again. And not quite the same if we'd had to make do with what was left over.


  1. Thanks Tj,
    I should get the sewing machine out instead of reading a magazine on the lounge. Lovely to see you today
    Jode xxx

  2. How is it going Jode? Wish you were up the road like Stace so I could give you a hand. Love Mum.

  3. Hi Grub, just noticed your message tonight. That would have been great - we all could have had a wine or two. I didn't really do it withalcohol on board - I promise xx