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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January finishes party – A lovely year of finishes

Woo hoo! January finishes party and I have things to share with you! Shireen sent me this pic of her fabulous finished bowl. The t-shirt held a place in her heart, as it was one she bought in Nashville. Unfortunately it had a mark on it that wouldn't come out, so now it has a second life as this colourful piece of art. Isn't it great?
And also, the bowl that started off at the beginning of the month as a little snail-curl of fabric... 

I'm quite surprised I've made it to the end of January having made progress on so many little crafty bits, as well as managing to keep up regular blogging. OK, so work is always pretty quiet in January, so I won't get too pleased with myself. I can imagine if a large infrastructure tender comes in you probably won't hear from me for the duration, but hey, it's nice to start the year how I'd like it to continue.
Has anyone else made crafty progress this month?


  1. wow. I cant believe I made something that is on your blog. That's the real achievement. Thanks Tara. :)