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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Ten months later it's finally on Spoonflower

I just checked back through the blog and realised it's ten months since I did my screenprinting porfolio course. After adding some additional patterns and creating another colourway, it's only this week that I've finally got the swatches of the collection back from Spoonflower. Not that Spoonflower took that long to print and send it to me, but more that between major tenders, starting studying again, moving house and preparing for my trip to Mexico, it's taken me that long to upload it!

You can see the original screenprints way back here.
Blomma range, manlig colourway.
I can't believe everything is getting so close now... A week until I can quit my job and three weeks until I fly out – first to Spain for a bit of a holiday, and then onto the residency in Mexico. Very exciting, but also slightly terrifying!

I've been really lucky, in that my class teacher is letting me use the residency in Oaxaca as the basis for my major project this semester, meaning I haven't had to take a complete leave of absence and I get to keep pace with my classmates. I'm really happy about that as they're all lovely.
Blomma range, kvinnlig colourway.
My final assignment from last semester was all based around Mexico as my inspiration, so I'm hoping to get that up on Spoonflower at some point too. It's definitely not looking likely before I leave though. I had big plans to build myself a little light box to photograph it in, but the bits of wood are still lying on the floor (along with most of my possessions, still waiting to be allocated a new home after the move).

I've got a few tweaks to do with a couple of the fabrics in this set – some of the backgrounds aren't working quite how I'd like, but most of it you can now find here and the rest will be up tomorrow evening. I'm looking forward to making something out of the swatches – maybe a big patched cushion or two? Or any other suggestions welcome!

Have a great week peeps! Once I've found the right pile of stuff on the floor I'll be back in a week or two to show you how my embroidery course has been going.

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