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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Time to let go a little – a call for pattern testers

If you've been following along on Instagram this year, you'll know that I was out of action for large chunks of it due to a back injury – an injury that was partly caused by a quilting marathon.

Naturally this has me reassessing things for 2020 and instead of trying to make all the quilts myself, I'm putting the call out for pattern testers.

Skimming Stones quilt pattern
If you've made a quilt before then you're welcome to sign up – just fill in your details below.

When my next pattern is ready (early January 2020) I'll send a call out to everyone who's signed up. That email will include:
  • a picture of the quilt
  • the size options available for testing
  • a description of the techniques I used to make it (so you can assess the difficulty and work needed to make it)
  • a timeline
  • image requirements (ie pics I'd like you to provide) and an image release form
You then decide if you want to make the pattern, and if so, email me back with the size you'd prefer to make. If I get a ton of responses I'll choose a couple for each size, and then choose different testers for the next quilt so everyone gets a go.

You probably already know this if you've been following me for any length of time, but a lot of my quilts use upcycled fabrics including denim jeans, business shirts, bed sheets etc. I will note on the call out what fabrics I've used, and while there won't be restrictions on you to do the same I'm always keen to see what people can do with what they have to hand.
Handloomed quilt pattern

What I'm looking for in a pattern tester

First up, you'll need to make the pattern within the timeframe (approx 3–6 weeks, but I'll note it in the call out).

Next, you'll need to provide honest, constructive feedback on the pattern. Was there anything you didn't understand? Could something be worded a different way to make it clearer? etc

Last, you'll need to post a number of pics to Instragram using the hashtag I'll provide. I'd also like to have the images emailed to me so I can use them on my blog and pattern page.

What you get out of it

If you pattern test for me, I'll be giving you a payment towards fabric (just because it might be from your stash doesn't mean you didn't pay for it!) and a number of my patterns (already existing, the one you test and/or subsequent patterns). The amount and number of patterns will vary according to the size quilt you're making and will be included on the call out.

Naturally I'll also be sharing your work and handle on my social media feed and blog (such as they are).

Pattern sign up

This email list will only be used to contact you about pattern testing opportunities. You must fill out all the fields to be added to the list. A confirmation email will be sent to you once your details are added. Please note that your Instagram profile must be visible to sign up as a pattern tester. Let's be real, this exercise is as much to do with marketing as it is with testing...

Thanks so much for your interest and I look forward to being able to release more patterns in 2020 thanks to you!

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