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Sunday, 21 July 2013

July mid-month check-in – A lovely year of finishes

I think I'm finally getting on top of this unpacking business. I actually managed to clear space on the dining table to get some cutting done and I even hung a picture today too, so the place is starting to feel like home.

If you remember from the beginning of the month I had three little projects I wanted to finish. Things I could do around the unpacking and also because I was unable to find any other WIPs, sewing or knitting paraphernalia due to them still being in a box!

The first little project was to make birthday present teatowels from my screen printing at Harvest Workroom. I was able to cut two towels from the fabric, ironed them mercilessly – as the inks needed to be heat-set – and whipped around the edges on the sewing machine. Let's just hope the ink doesn't run in the wash!
The second little project is underway as well (below), but the third, which will make use of my other screen printed fabric, requires a trip to the thread shop. Still... progress is being made.

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