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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Projects on the go

Oh yeah! Despite the lack of posts on here recently, don't think I haven't been stitching and knitting like a madwoman. Actually it's only putting all these pics together now, that I realise why I haven't been on here for a while.

Let's start with the knitting. There's been swatching. This is the gorgeous yarn I picked up at the first Natural Fibre Market. It's Spinning Yarns, Weaving Tales and I'm planning something for my sister. The swatches haven't been blocked as yet, but the one on the right is knitted as a single and the one on the left with two strands. No decisions made on this as yet, but I do love this tweedy goodness. By the way, the next market is on at the Queen Vic Markets on 13 September.
There's also been knitting of sleeves. I'm so close on this Millamia cardigan that I can taste it. Unfortunately it's the project with no deadline and it's for me, so it doesn't get picked up too often. You know how that goes.
And then there was the glorious finishing of the girls' cardigans. Juliet's (the smallest one) was knitted last year, but the other two have only been finished in the last week or two. Juliet refused to try hers on as I was knitting so I could see if it would fit, but she's barely taken it off since; Phoebe's looks crooked here, I'm pretty sure it's just been made that way through photo shenanigans; and Olivia will have grown out of hers in about five mins, but since she's the oldest it will still get a lot of wear as it passes down the line. All the patterns and notes are on Ravelry for those interested.
Next, there's the fabric stuff… There's been shibori and rust dyeing,
and, inspired by Mexico last year, a small fabric range, Mestizo Festiva. I stitched the patterns and then had swatches printed on Eco Canvas. The designs are available to be printed on all sorts of fabrics from Spoonflower. Now that I'm happy with the repeats I'm going to order a bit more and make myself a bag.
And last, but not least, the quilts. There's this happy one that I've been working on for years. I get it out, do a bit more and then put it away again. The reason it's been so stop-start is that the fabric is from South America and it's very random. The shapes were all cut to follow the pattern on the fabric, leaving things a bit wonky. I change my mind fairly frequently as to how I'm going to deal with this and whether or not I'm going to hand quilt it or quilt-as-I-go. Decisions, decisions.
Then there's the baby quilt… This one is now on a bit of a scary deadline so I don't want to talk about it.
The baby quilt is suffering due to this beast arriving back from the quilters and needing to be bound. This is the quilt that was inspired by the cochineal dyes and hand-woven rugs of TeĆ³titlan del Valle. I'm so happy with the quilting that Karen, from Quilts on Bastings, has done and I can't wait to show you the finished piece.
Then, of course, there's also been some mending as I continue my #midmonthmending project on Instagram, more knitting in the planning stages as I wait for some new yarn to arrive, and a wedding quilt I should really put some thought into.

Holy moly, I don't know what I'm doing sitting here – I need to get back to it! Maybe another cup of coffee first… Happy week everyone.


  1. And I thought I was doing well with a man's fisherman's rib jumper, a rainbow jumper for a 4 year old, a jacket for a one year old (with matching teddy in the pocket) a pair of socks for the 4 year old and finishing 2 quilts. Well done!